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1. You pay for your order online. 

2. More delivery locations. A small £5.50 delivery charge will be applied with a minimum order of £20. We will be continuing our free delivery service to the local villages. 

3.Collection from the shop Tuesday-Saturday. 

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         To all of our Online ordering customers, 

         Tomorrow (Saturday 15th August) is my last shift as I'm going to have one last go at my Gap Year and am headed to Greece for 6 weeks. I just                   wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to supply all of you, I have spoken on the phone with some of you, corresponded over email and                     loaded up your boots alongside my fantastic team of Jane, Gary, Pip, Gabby, Alex, Charlie W and Lottie. It is entirely down to all of you that we                   have had work over the last few months and we are all incredibly grateful for it. 

         I'm feeling a lot more sentimental than I thought I would to be finishing as Click and Collect has been my baby for the last few months and I'm                 incredibly attached to it. I'm going to really miss picking out all the best gladioli for Mr Walters, competing with Pip to guess the customer as they            drive up to us (the prize for the most distinctive car undoubtedly going to Mrs Panther for her Orange Mini), my Tuesday chats with Jane and on              Wednesday with the Bachs. I simply hope that you have enjoyed using the service as much as I have enjoyed serving all of you. 

       I leave the online ordering system in the capable hands of Imogen alongside Jane, Gary and Alex. There will be a few changes made to collections            over the next few weeks as obviously we are a lot quieter than we were earlier in the season but you will be duly updated on all of these over the           next few days. If you do have any queries please email or call the landline and ask for Jane or Imogen. 

      We certainly hope to run this service again next summer and so I hope I shall see you, speak to you, write to you and design exciting veg boxes for          you once again in the future. 

      Once again many thanks for all your support, 


Delivery Locations

Email Maya at if you have any problems with your new delivery date 


Headington, Barton, Marston & Summertown


Sandhills, Risinghurst, Holton & Wheatley


Ickford, Worminghall, Long Crendon, Ludgershall, Piddington, Shabbington, Brill & Oakley


Noke, Woodeaton, Islip, Murcott & Bletchingdon 

We will be continuing our free delivery service to our local villages. 
Wednesday - Stanton St John, Forest Hill, Bayswater Road
Friday - Beckley, Horton-cum-Studley and Elsfield