Pick Your Own

Rectory Farm specialises in 'Pick Your Own' as a great day out for all the family near Oxford.  

It's the best value for your money when buying local fresh fruit and vegetables.  We start with Asparagus in late April and  continue on with Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries and other fruits and vegetables until the end of October.

Alongside the Pick Your Own we also have a free bouncy castle, sandpit and the hay stack. 

The Tractor Shack is open Tuesday-Sunday serving hot and cold drinks, as well as freshly baked cake and takeaway lunches.

See below what's next in season

Enjoy 45 acres of farm

We have 45 acres of fields to walk around so there is plenty to choose from. The fields are marked with each crop - some may be picking now, some finished picking, and some not yet ready for picking. The main fruit crops to pick your own are strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and blackberries. Vegetable crops comprise, asparagus, broad beans and carrots. Asparagus is grown in a separate field near the Oxford Crematorium and has a much earlier season than our other crops. 

We grow many other crops including potatoes, gladioli, artichokes, sweetcorn, green beans and pinks that our pickers pick and so not available for pick your own. (Unless you like a long walk to get to them!).

Many parents find introducing their children to a Pick Your Own is an exciting adventure. They can really understand where their food comes from by touching and seeing not from a textbook. There is plenty of room for the children to get plenty of exercise while doing it and they really can't get into too much difficulty - though occasionally some get lost (temporarily!) in the maze of fields.

Asparagus: Ready picked in shop

Our PYO Asparagus is now closed for the 2019 season, back in 2020. We do have a small amount of ready picking asparagus in the farm shop at £9/kg or £8/kg ready picked over 3kg. The final day of asparagus in the shop is likely to be Sunday 16th June but this is weather dependent. 

Strawberries:  PYO Open

We have Strawberries from now until the end of September, PYO price £4.50kg, quantity discount £4.00/kg if you pick more than eight punnets. Our Vibrant Strawberries are first followed by Sonata and Centenary all on table-tops and Symphony on the ground. Ready picked Strawberries in the shop now at £7.50/kg. 

Rhubarb: Shop

We grow Raspberry Red a sweet rich red coloured variety that holds its lovely colour after cooking -  ready picked available at Asparagus PYO and in the farm shop for £3.50/kg. Season usually ends around 24th June. 

Pinks: In the shop

We have a bunches of pinks in the shop with lots more to come, usually sell out on the day they are picked so best to arrive early. On site we grow various different colour pinks, we pick them for you and sell them in the shop at just £2.50 a bunch! Great for brightening up your kitchen table.

Gooseberries: 12 June 2019

Gooseberries are an increasingly popular fruit for Pick Your Own and not available in UK supermarkets. Our season starts with Invicta which is a cooking variety, slightly tart and is ideal for Gooseberry Fool - usually the start of June. In mid July we have two dessert varieties perfect for eating from the punnet - but only for a short season. 

Potatoes: June 2019

New potatoes expected end of June with main crop ready at the end of August, prices TBC.

Gladiolis: June 2019

Colours include green, white, yellow, red, orange, pink, dark red and many more...you don't need many for these to create a stunning display in a large vase. 65p each or pick up 10 for just £5.50!

Raspberries: Late June 2019

Our PYO is now closed for Raspberries with our first crop expected July 2019. PYO is £6.50/kg, Ready picked £11.50/kg. We start with Glen Fyne, then Tulameen, Octavia, Himbo Top, Polka, with a couple of new varieties as well. Raspberries freeze well - Just pick into our shallow 300gm punnets, snap on the lids and pop straight into the freezer.  

Redcurrants: June 2019

Expected middle of June to end of August. 

Blackcurrants: July 2019

Expected start of July until middle of August

Blackberries: July 2019

Early start Blackberries, expected July 2019.  

Broad Beans: June 2019 

Broad Beans are a very popular vegetable for Pick Your Own, season usually starts early June.  We offer a special price for when you pick two carrier bag full.