Potatoes: From the farm yard

Our main crop potatoes are now available from the farm yard: White Orchestra and Jelly potatoes. 80p/kg or in 5kg, 10kg or 25kg bags. You can pick these up from the farm yard weekdays 8am-4pm. Please be careful in the yard, we have many staff, tractors and forklifts in operation. 


Sweetcorn: Now Finished

Come and pick your own delicious sweetcorn in our fields behind the farm shop, or buy yours ready picked in the farm shop. Four cobs for £1.20 when you pick your own, and three for £1.20 ready-picked.

Pumpkins: Now finished

We have sold all our local pumpkins and at this stage are unable to buy anymore in for 2020, we have plans to grow our own for 2021, do keep an eye on social media in case we can find some more. 

Raspberries: Back in 2021

Raspberry picking has now finished for 2020 and will be back in 2021. 

Strawberries: Back in 2021

Our Strawberry polytunnels closed on Sunday 20th September 2020 after a bumper season. 

Asparagus: Back in 2021

Our extremely popular PYO asparagus will be back in the fields and in the farm shop from around St. George's Day (the official start go asparagus season in the UK) till mid-June 2021. 

Pinks: Back in 2021

Pinks have finished for 2020. We grow various different colour pinks here at the farm, which we pick for you and sell in bunches in the farm shop. 

Broad Beans: Back in 2021  

Gladiolis: Back in 2021

Gladioli flowers arrive in the shop from the end of June and usually keep growing until the end of August. 

Redcurrants: Back in 2021

Blackberries: Back in 2021

Rhubarb: Back in 2021

We grow Ruby Red Rhubarb at the farm: a sweet, rich and red coloured variety that holds its lovely colour after cooking. 

Blackcurrants: Back in 2021

Our PYO season for blackcurrants runs from middle of the June to end of July. 

Gooseberries: Back in 2021

Gooseberries are an increasingly popular fruit for Pick Your Own and not available in UK supermarkets. Our season starts with Invicta which is a cooking variety, slightly tart and ideal for Gooseberry Fool - usually the start of June.