Oxfordshire Bees Basket


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Rectory Farm Honey Hamper.

1 x 225g set honey

1 x 225g runny honey

1 x 95g tall handmade beeswax candle (burn time around 12hrs)

1 x 30g handmade beeswax tea candle (burn time around 3hrs)

1 x packet bee-friendly seeds

Steve has been a bee keeper since his early teens when he developed a real love for the bees and purchased 3 hives.  He now has around 150 hives, all in various parts of Oxfordshire, including the ones at Rectory Farm, some at Islip and Arncott, and in West Oxfordshire near the iconic White Horse Hill. He has been supplying honey to Rectory Farm from our own hives here since 2007. The candles are 100% pure beeswax from our hives and have that unique aroma that you can only get from the bees!