Eadles meat, butchered and reared in Beckley, supplying us with the main joints for your Christmas Day plus all the trimmings beef, lamb pigs in blankets, mini sausage rolls and more. We have a selection online that you can order directly but if you would like any of the following please email us with weights and sizes.

Aged rib of beef £18.50/kg
Aged beef fillet £40/kg
Roasting rib joint £17/kg 

Leg of lamb joint (1/2 or whole) £13.50/kg
Shoulder of lamb (1/2 or whole) £11.50/kg
Rack of lamb (1/2 or whole) £16/kg

Pork leg, shoulder or loin joint £8.00/kg
Gammon joint £8.00/kg
Smoked Gammon joint £8.50/kg
Smoked gammon on the bone £8.00/kg