Glitter Shortbread Squares 200g


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A dazzling addition to any festivities.

Slowly baked for an unctuous texture, these traditional Glitter Shortbread Squares are finished with a sprinkle of eye-catching glitter. Whatever you’re celebrating, be it Christmas or just making it to elevenses during the working day, light it up like a disco ball with your biscuit selection.

Dean’s was born in 1975. Based in the small Scottish town of Huntly, it grew from boutique home baking in Helen Dean’s kitchen to a company with a £1million turnover in under twenty years. Now it even boasts a shortbread-themed visitor attraction with a café and bistro. And all that success is down to the unrivalled quality of their melt-in-the-mouth shortbread.

Allergies: contains milk and gluten