Beautiful free range turkeys from D'Oyleys Farm this Christmas. 
The White family has been rearing traditional free-range Norfolk Bronze turkeys and traditional chickens at D’Oyleys Farm near Great Milton for over 60 years. It's important to us to support local and to partner up with local family farms like ours.
D'Oyleys turkeys are slow-grown with high welfare standards. They enjoy a natural diet, outdoors, in pasture, under the sun. Each bird is dry-plucked by hand and hung to develop its flavour before making its way to your home in time for the holidays. 
On offer to our customers a variety of sizes: turkey crowns, rolled and boned joints, and whole birds ranging from 4 - 8kg. If you would like a larger turkey or your size is out of stock please email us We will be updating stock regularly if available from D'Oyleys.

4.5kg serves 5-6 people
5.5kg serves 7-8 people
6.5kg serves 10-11 people
7.5kg serves 12-13 people
8.5kg serves 14-15 people
9.5kg serves 16-17 people