Catering & Wholesale

Are you looking to stock your shop or event with our delicious fruit and vegetables? 

We sell all our produce at wholesale so you can retail at a competitive price. 

We have the following potato varieties available at the moment, Jelly, Mozart & Orchestra.

Our Asparagus comes into season in April and Strawberries follow in May. 

Please get in contact with us via email for the best quote or give Paul a call on 07966 246388

Fresh and delicious!

Call Paul for the best wholesale price on 07966 246 388

Individually negotiated prices apply for larger quantities. Please contact Paul Clark on 07966 246388 to discuss and book larger quantities. 

Our discounts for quantity are level 1 at more than 10 punnets, level 2 for more than 30 punnets. Please use our click and collect service online here

We supply the fruit in in 454gm punnets in returnable outer trays. A 454gm punnet is enough for four people, you'll be reasonably generous at that, depending upon what else is on offer.  If you only offer strawberries perhaps work on three servings per punnet. 

We would suggest a greater emphasis on raspberries for your private parties and events (when they are in season). They are a bit more expensive but have little or no preparation and can be poured straight from the punnet into bowls. Our typical 250gm punnet serves three - in mid season we offer 300gm for the same price as 250gm.

You can collect on the day of your event as it is important to have fruit as fresh as possible and it will be better kept chilled in our cold store than a domestic fridge.  And your fridge may be full with other things.